Why do people apply limos to artwork?

Hey what’s up people of the world?  Today I want to talk about why people apply limos to artwork.  If you think about it they are the most beautiful pieces of artwork I have ever seen.  They have a sleek and smooth look that just flows from end to end.  Personally  I have never been in one, but I would bet that they are pretty cool to be in.

So I’m at the beach the other day just minding my own business when a freaking awesome hummer limo rolls up.  I was walking my dog along the side of the road and this hummer limo stopped to ask me for directions.  Apparently he was some kind of BIG time business man, because he had a 3 piece suit on, his hair was all slicked back and he was working on something.  Not to mention his cell phone kept going off every 2 minutes.  So needless to say, he needed directions to the biggest hotel around me.  I told him how to get there and he gave me his business card and told me to give him a call sometime and we could hang out.

Me being me I gave him a call later on that day just to see if his number was correct.  What happened next?  This guy answers the phone all happy asking me to come up to his hotel and hang out.  I showed up a few hours later to see what this dude was all about.  He had 5 women in his room all to himself.  I mean who in their right minds needs that many females in one place?  So I happily walked in with a smile on my face.  I had the time of my life and will never forget that night.


Whoa !! Where was I?

I took a bike ride down the sidewalk of my apartment. will never guess what I saw?  Bar none the coolest vehicle I have ever seen. What was it you say?  A Chrysler 300 limousine completely decked out(rims and all).  Needless to say it was SWEET!!  When I see one of the cars I just flip out.  I always ask myself who is inside of that awesome looking ride.  Is it someone important or just another rich man or woman looking to show off their worth?

My new years resolution is to save up a little money and go for a night out on the town in one of these things with a bunch of my buddies.  Do you know how many heads you would turn riding around in one of these beautiful vehicles?  I do.  I already have an idea of who I am going to use, apparently they are pretty good for around here.

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